Saturday, 5 September 2015

Perren Property- Peek of the Week 

How to get more deals from Estate Agents

This week I have been talking to some investors and they all want to know the same thing... how to get that 'deal' from Estate Agents.  I am always asked what the secret is. 

The truth is,  there is no real secret to grab that bargain before any one else. Apart from just being level headed and listen to each other.  We are here to help you,  but at the same time we don’t know everything and love learning from others in the industry. 

So here are my 3 Dos and 3 Donts when it comes to dealing with Estate Agents. I hope this will help you when purchasing and getting that property. 

 Stay till the end and you'll find another property treat. 

The Don't... 

1-Don’t try and trick the agent! – Agents hate it when a prospective client comes in and tries to trick your every move and thinks your hiding something. We are not in the 80s any more and there is no such thing as a dodgy deal when using a regulated agent! Well certainly not in my area!

2- Don’t be a know it all- We do really love to help you! When potential clients come in all bullish and tenacious it gets our back up straight away. We want to build a solid relationship as much as you do and starting out on the wrong foot loses that trust immediately.  If you are Mr or Mrs I am better than you,  we immediately shy away from wanting to help.  

3- Don’t be cheeky with offers! Stupidly low offers will just annoy the agent and the vendor. It doesn’t work and your offer will only go to the bottom of the pile. Be sensible when negotiating and tactful.   

The Do's...

1. Build a good relationship with your agent. When a deal comes along be professional, pre-empt their every move and make the process as simple as possible.  Agents will do everything they can for friendly clients who make their lives easier!

2. Communicate – I am all for communication. Regarding appointments, feedback, offers, updates etc. Always call back the agent even if you didn’t like the property in question or it is going to be a difficult conversation. Being silent only makes things worse!  (This works for agents as well- having a good communicating agent will make your life easier!)

And finally the most important…

3. Remember to say Thank you.  Being an agent can be such a thankless task sometimes show your appreciation if they have done a good job. Sometimes it gets forgotten how many hoops have to be jumped through from beginning to end.

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