Friday, 31 July 2015

Perren Property Peek of the Week

Epsom, Oyster, Property

Residents of Epsom will have something to celebrate in September, with the arrival of the Oyster card. Presently, commuters who live in Epsom are just outside the Oyster network and their weekly travel costs £62.10

Neighboring Ewell, a mile and a half up the road, is within the network. Commuters making five daily trips to work pay £51per week at peak times.  Making a bit of a saving.

So will Epsom’s entry into the oyster network have positive impact on property prices?  I think so, you wont see a huge rise immediately but certainly in a few years to come. If you are looking for a good buy to let investment maybe Epsom could be somewhere to look.

On that note trolling through rightmove this morning I have spotted a something that may just kick start your search… Epsom £279k  4.9%

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Monday, 27 July 2015

Why Landlords should ALWAYS have a Professional Inventory Done

A home is usually someone’s most valuable asset, and that goes for rental properties too.  However landlords can still be reluctant to have a professional inventory done.

At Perren Property we advise that every let property has a professional inventory at the start of the tenancy, as well as at the end. 
A professional inventory at the start is essential and protects both the tenant and the landlord where damage and responsibility is concerned. An inventory is a condition report of the fabric of the property as well as its contents all noted before a tenant moves in. 

But my property has nothing in it, I hear you say! This is where you are wrong.
A report is carried out from the state of the roof, walls and floor coverings to furniture and any white goods supplied is documented.

Having an independent third party undertake the checks make sure there is no bias towards the tenant, the landlord and us as agents. The use of a professional and impartial company is vital should there be a problem at the end of the tenancy and when returning the security deposit.  Everything will be accurately documented and verified leaving less stress at the end of the tenancy when problems occur.

Perren Property have good, trusty inventory companies we can recommend should you wish to discuss your inventory needs further.   Call today and we can advise you 01306 880 442

Friday, 24 July 2015


Perren Property- Peek of the Week...This week I am re-posting last weeks property, it is still available and like I said in my blog it didn't catch my eye at first and I really think this is a good property for a first time landlord.

Buy to Let – A property for first time landlords 

Looking through Rightmove this morning and I have just noticed another interesting property. It didn’t catch my eye at first, not really sure why. But after a few calculations it appears to add up.

The property is a 3 bedroom apartment in the centre of Dorking. It is on the market at £280,000 and as ever apartments are always in constant demand, especially within the Dorking rental market.

Lets have a look at the numbers. If the property was let for £1150pcm, this would deliver 4.9% yield. The property looks like it is in good condition, which will make it very attractive to quality tenants and you could market it straight away leaving very little void.

With the service charges not as high as other apartments in the area, this property looks like it could be a good little investment for a new, first time landlord.

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Monday, 20 July 2015

How can I attract more potential tenants to my property?

Presenting a property in the best possible way is crucial when marketing a property.  To achieve the highest rents and attract the best tenants here are a few tips to follow, which will help create more demand for your property.

  • When decorating your property stick to neutral colours. Flooring should be wooden, laminate or plain carpet. I would also recommend decorating your rental property on average every two years to keep its best condition.
  • When choosing fabrics and furnishings (if any) make sure it is not budget quality. Budget quality will not last with any wear and tear. 
  • Front and Back gardens should be kept neat and tidy. If the property has a difficult garden to maintain I would always recommend a gardener be included in the rent.
  • Keep the property clean and well-aired, open windows when it is hot and put the heating on when it is cold.