Friday, 31 July 2015

Perren Property Peek of the Week

Epsom, Oyster, Property

Residents of Epsom will have something to celebrate in September, with the arrival of the Oyster card. Presently, commuters who live in Epsom are just outside the Oyster network and their weekly travel costs £62.10

Neighboring Ewell, a mile and a half up the road, is within the network. Commuters making five daily trips to work pay £51per week at peak times.  Making a bit of a saving.

So will Epsom’s entry into the oyster network have positive impact on property prices?  I think so, you wont see a huge rise immediately but certainly in a few years to come. If you are looking for a good buy to let investment maybe Epsom could be somewhere to look.

On that note trolling through rightmove this morning I have spotted a something that may just kick start your search… Epsom £279k  4.9%

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