Friday, 30 October 2015

Perren Property Peek of the Week

Are you struggling to rent your property?

There has been a definite change in the weather this week. The darker nights, and the fallen leaves, autumn has well and truly begun. At this time of year we just want to be warm, cosy and sitting by an open fire.

So why not make an empty dull rental house feel that way to. Instead of your property feeling damp drizzly and cold. Which instantly makes you and your prospective tenants go… Yuck!

If your struggling to find that perfect tenant then creating lifestyle in your empty property can really help. If you make your property inviting and warm your empty house will start to feel like a loving home.

If you need any inspiration in transforming that cold empty house into an elegant charm and have people queue out the door for it then why not give me a call on 07794056668 and see how I can help. 

Also visit one of my favourite sites for inspiration -

Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween

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